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WTRF 7.1 Wheeling, WV. CBS reception problem

Why can't I get WTRF 7.1 reception from Wheeling, WV.? The reason may surprise you.

If you have a TV antenna and can't receive WTRF TV channel 7.1 from Wheeling, WV. the problem is likely the TV antenna not the TV station.  It doesn't matter if the antenna is an indoor, attic or roof top antenna, it's likely not designed to receive the WTRF TV VHF signal. 

  • The WTRF signal type is VHF.  
  • Most antennas on the market today are designed to receive UHF signals but not VHF signals. 
  • Simply put, you probably bought the wrong TV antenna. 

You can't receive a VHF TV signal using a  UHF TV antenna.

It requires two different types of antennas to receive each signal type. The VHF portion of the antenna must be considerably larger. The UHF portion of the antenna can be much smaller in size and get the same results. To properly receive both types of signals there must be two antennas combined into a single antenna output connection. One antenna receives VHF signal and one receives UHF signal. The two antenna signals are phased together creating a single VHF and UHF signal output on the antenna.   

Is the antenna truly designed to receive the WTRF channel 7.1 VHF signal? 

  • Does the antenna have elements protruding horizontally from the antenna? 
    No protruding elements, no VHF reception. 
  • Are the protruding elements on the antenna at least 3 feet long?
    If not, poor VHF TV reception.  

Indoor set top TV antenna

Your best chance at receiving the WTRF TV signal using an indoor antenna is good old fashioned rabbit ears. The extending poles (rabbit ears) are the VHF portion of the antenna. Without these elements the WTRF TV signal travels past the antenna with very little signal received as it does so. 

A paper clip becomes a VHF TV antenna. 

Hopefully you have learned, just because I say a paper clip is a VHF antenna, doesn't make it a VHF antenna. You should now be able to recognize antennas making  false claims about VHF TV reception.  Just because an antenna claims to be capable of VHF reception, doesn't make it so. 

Below are examples of excellent TV antenna design that will receive both VHF and UHF digital TV signals equally well.

Longest range VHF and UHF TV antennas
VHF and UHF TV antenna

Medium range VHF and UHF TV antenna

EZ HD VHF and UHF TV antenna

Short range VHF and UHF indoor TV antenna
Rabbit ear VHF UHF antenna

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