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TV Antenna for Sycamore, Illinois

The Sycamore area offers an Excellent variety of free over the air
TV programming from Chicago and Rockford.

Customer's from the Sycamore, IL. area report excellent reception using the HD Stacker antenna >. The total number of channels is reported to be over 70 channels. I recommend the antenna be installed above the roof line using the LNA 200 preamplifier >.

Install the antenna aiming East near to 100 degrees magnetic to receive all Chicago channels. From the Sycamore area you can also receive the Rockford channels. Rockford doesn't offer nearly the variety of channels when compared to the Chicago antenna market. To receive the Rockford channels the antenna needs to aim Northwest at 310 degrees. To receive both Rockford and Chicago you can use a rotor that will allow you to remotely turn the antenna. Note: The signals are too weak to use an omni or multi - directional antenna. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us >