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TV Antenna Attic Installation.
Posted by Denny Duplessis

Can a TV antenna work when installed in the attic? A few things to consider before making the attic install.

There are several advantages to having the TV antenna in your attic. 

I think the most popular reason I hear is there's no chance of falling off the roof when installing in the attic.

The antenna won't be visible from the exterior of your home.

The antenna will be shelter from the elements. 

Are there special antennas designed for attic installation?

Some vendors/manufactures claim their antenna design will produce better performance when located in the attic, but that's not true. Specially designed antennas that work better in the attic simply don't exist.  

How to determine your chances a TV antenna will work in the attic.

First, are the TV signals reaching your location strong enough to penetrate into the attic and be received? The same antenna that works well above the roof may not work well when located in the attic. You can expect a 20% to as much as a 50% reduction in signal strength when mounting in the attic verses mounting the antenna above the roof. 

Factors that affect attic TV reception. 

The building materials the signals must penetrate to reach the antenna in the attic are critical.  TV signals must penetrate into the attic to be received by the antenna. Some materials allow signal to pass better than others. 

Wood, asphalt shingles, vinyl siding, Styrofoam have the least resistance. If your home has a steel roof the chances of getting good TV reception from the attic are almost zero. Metal does not allow TV signals to pass.  Metal reflects the TV signal and will likely cause all kinds of reception issues. 

Any type of foil will reflect TV signal. Foil faced insulation and radiant barrier materials usually cause very poor TV reception. 

Concrete tile roofs can cause issue but not nearly as much as steel and foil. We have several customer's who report great TV reception that have tile roofs. 

Solar panels will obstruct TV signal. In fact, we recommend the antenna be at least 20 feet away from solar panels. 

Drywall or any type of masonry will reduce TV signal more than wood.  

How to select a TV antenna for your attic. 

Is there adequate space in the attic to install a TV antenna large enough to get good TV reception?  

Selecting a TV antenna for the attic is not much different than selecting an antenna for use above the roof. The only difference is consider the building materials the signals must penetrate. Factor in the 20% to 50% signal reduction.   

I make attic antenna recommendations > for visitors to our site everyday. Sometimes I recommend the HD Stacker antenna >.  The HD Stacker antenna provides extreme signal gain and I recommend it because sometimes extreme signal gain is what is required for good attic TV reception.  If the TV signals are strong enough I can recommend the smaller EZ HD antenna >. My point is, I may recommend the HD Stacker antenna inside the attic when at the same location the EZ HD antenna would work great outside above the roof but not in the attic.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us >

Below are a few photos of successful attic installations sent to us by our customer's

Mel from Indiana displays his attic installed HD Stacker TV antenna

Mel from Indiana displays his attic installed HD Stacker TV antenna >.
Mel says, Works great. Thank you. Getting 58 channels on one set and 62 on the other. 

EZ HD antenna with J pole in the attic

Attic mounted EZ HD antenna with 18" J pole mount >

HD Stacker mounted in the attic

Attic mounted HD Stacker antenna

HD Stacker attic antenna

Attic mounted HD Stacker using the the 36" J pole mount >

Attic mounted EZ HD antenna

Attic mounted EZ HD antenna with 18" J pole mount >

HD Stacker antenna in the attic

Attic mounted HD Stacker antenna with 36" J pole mount >

HD Stacker antenna hung in the attic

HD Stacker antenna mounted from above

EZ HD antenna in the attic with J pole mount.

Attic mounted EZ HD antenna with J pole mount.

More fact based information can be found at Product and knowledge support >