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Tuned and Test Range Certified TV Antennas.
Posted by Denny Duplessis

What does tuned and test range certified mean?

First, a little antenna basics. TV signals are broadcast using radio waves. The radio wave in use by the TV station determines the channel number your TV receives the TV station on. Lower numbered TV channels broadcast longer wave signals and the higher numbered channels use shorter wave signals to broadcast the TV signal. The varying length of the waves are called frequency. Every TV station in your area is assigned a different frequency. This is how the TV tuner in your TV knows which channel to display on the TV. When you change the channel on your TV the tuner will now receive and display the channel of that frequency.

 What does precisely tuned antenna mean? 

Unlike most imported antennas that are designed for eye appeal with little tuning. The EZ HD > and the HD Stacker > antennas are both frequency tuned antennas. The TV signals are best receive by individually dedicated antenna elements cut to length to match the TV signal frequency in use. The more precisely tuned frequency dedicated elements a TV antenna has the better it will perform. This is why larger antennas always outperform smaller antennas when both antennas are properly designed. 

What does test range certified mean?

Both antennas spent hours on a test facility provided by the Winegard Company in Burlington, IA. Each antenna element was cut to precise length for maximum performance. The element spacing was tested and adjusted. Both antennas were tested and certified for the reception of VHF and UHF digital TV frequency.

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