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Home: Denny's TV Antenna Service. HD TV reception expert >
Genuine made in the USA free to air TV antennas. Real TV antennas that work! Specializing in quality free to air HD TV reception. Family owed and operated since 1988.

American made whenever possible >
We make every effort to sell made in the USA TV antenna products.

Why are most TV antennas designed wrong? >
Most TV antennas are designed wrong. The issue started during the time called the "digital transition". The problem still exists today.

Biggest mistakes made buying a TV antenna >
Denny's Antenna Service has been around for a long time. Over 30 years and counting.
Here's our rundown of mistakes to avoid when buying a TV antenna.

About Us. >
Family operated since 1988. We know how to treat you right. Besides our online service we also operate a statewide installation service here in Michigan

Preamplifiers and Signal Boosters for better TV reception >
The TV antenna is the most important part of any quality over the air antenna system. The correct signal amplification is a close second. Like Goldilocks and the three bears you want the signal amplifier.

TV antenna preamplifier installation basics >
The TV antenna preamplifier consist of two parts. The unit that installs near the antenna is the amplifier. The second part that installs indoors is called the power inserter or power supply. 

Designing a TV antenna signal distribution system >
Discover the basic signal distribution techniques that lead to successful TV viewing on multiple TVs from a single TV antenna.

TV antenna for multiple TVs >
Supplying multiple TVs from one antenna has nothing to do with the antenna and everything to do with the antenna distribution system layout and proper signal amplification.

TV antenna amplifiers/boosters will not improve signal quality >
What's the difference between signal strength and signal quality? Avoid the biggest mistake most people make. Under buying the antenna and over buying the amplifier.

RG 6 Coax Cable and Accessories >
Nothing ruins the performance of a good TV antenna system quicker than inferior coax cable and the cabling accessories. Solid copper, U/V protected made in the USA coax cable.

How to install coax cable fittings >
After installing thousands of cable fittings in my 30 + year career, I still can't make a perfect connection without the proper tools. Make secure watertight connections every time.

TV antenna mounts and hardware. Made USA >
Choosing a TV antenna mount that fits your needs will depend on your mounting options. Tripod, Eave/fascia, chimney and J pole mounts. All made in the USA

How to install a TV antenna eave mount >
Learn the techniques I learned years ago. It makes installing an eave mount easier and safer. Step by step instructions makes installing an eave mount safe and easy.

How to install a TV antenna tripod mount >
Three decades of installing antenna tripod mounts taught us a thing or two about tripod installation. No leaks, no problems, no worries.

Antenna Signal Splitters and Couplers >
The signal splitter must divide the signal as efficiently as possible.
Be of quality construction and watertight. 2, 4 and 8 way splitters.

TV antenna grounding accessories >
Grounding rarely improves the TV reception but proper grounding does add a degree of safety. Outdoor antennas should be grounded for safety.

Denny's TV Antenna Customer Service >
We're a small family owned business that know how to treat you right. Since 1988.

Denny's TV Antenna Service Guarantee >
Denny's TV Antenna Service 90 day money back Guarantee. Our TV antennas and accessories will perform as advertised or return it within 90 days for a full refund.

HD Stacker TV antenna >
The HD Stacker antenna. The best performing TV antenna on the market. Highest quality, made in the USA. An excellent choice for long range rural TV reception.

HD Stacker TV antenna customer reviews >
HD Stacker TV antenna reviews from verified customer's. The HD Stacker antenna is quality built made in the USA TV antenna.

HD Stacker antenna photo gallery >
Check out the HD Stacker TV antenna photo gallery. Our customer's do good work! Thanks for your photos.

HD Stacker TV antenna installation kit >
Starting from scratch ? The HD Stacker antenna kit will provide everything needed to get the job done right. Plus, support from certified TV antenna installers.

HD Stacker Antenna >
May be the ugliest antenna on the market.

EZ HD TV Antenna >
The EZ HD Antenna from Denny's TV Antenna Service. It is the best small, long-range TV antenna on the market. Small size, big performance! Plus, it's made in the USA.

EZ HD TV antenna reviews >
EZ HD antenna reviews from verified customer's. This page is updated with the most recent reviews from EZ HD antenna customer's.

Product and knowledge support >
We invite you to browse our product and knowledge support pages. We know how to do the job right.

Do - it - yourself TV antenna installation >
Read this before you decide to install a TV antenna. Telling it like it is. Sharing 30 + years of TV antenna installation experience.

Real World TV Antenna Range and reception >
No one goes to court or is sued for lying about TV antenna range. Little a consumer can do except get educated and recognize scams when you see one.

The 4k TV Antenna scam >
Find out why 4k TV antennas don't exist. Learn the truth about 4k TV broadcasting and why you don't need a 4K TV antenna to receive 4K.

TV antenna attic installation. >
Can a TV antenna work when installed in the attic? A few things to consider before installing a TV antenna in your attic.

TV antenna reception in rural areas >
Now that the TV signals are all digital is good antenna TV reception available in rural areas? What will it take to get good rural TV reception and is it available at my location?

VHF and UHF TV antenna design >
The HD Stacker antenna. A proven design that provides excellent reception of both VHF and UHF over the air digital TV signals.

Indoor vs. Outdoor TV Antenna >
With few exceptions, the chances of great TV reception success using an indoor TV antenna are slim. However, it may be worth a try.

Tuned and test range certified TV antennas >
What does tuned and test range certified TV antennas mean? First a little TV antenna basics. Field tested, test range certified TV antennas made in the USA.

Long Range TV Antenna Reception >
We've tested a lot of antennas and equipment. For reliable TV reception in weaker signal areas nothing works better than the items illistrated below.

Digital TV Reception >
Debunking the myths about digital TV reception and getting to the truth. Does new technology allow small TV antenna to work as well a big antennas?

Coupling and Stacking TV Antennas >
Join two TV antennas together to receive signal from different directions. Stack two TV antennas together aiming in the same direction to improve performance.

Cutting the Cable TV cord >
Switching from Cable TV or Satellite service to a TV antenna. Over the air viewing is absolutely free and we have the knowledge to help you do it right.

What's the difference between a VHF and UHF TV antenna >
Most antennas on the market today are designed to receive UHF signals not VHF signals. 

TV antenna and wind turbine interference >
For more than a decade and over 1,000 TV antennas installed in the wind turbine fields,
we have leaned a lot about wind turbine and TV antenna reception interference.

TV antenna reception questions and answers >
Antenna range?, best amplifier?, Multiple TVs with one antenna?, best cable?, antenna height?, indoor antennas?, distributing the TV signal?

Free TV antenna recommendation >
By submitting the form you will receive a free, honest and accurate TV antenna recommendation specific to your location.

TV Antenna Recommendations by State >
TV antenna recommendations listed by State and City.

List of U.S. full power VHF TV stations >
Are VHF digital signals more difficult to receive when compared to UHF digital TV signals? What you need to know about VHF and UHF TV signals before you purchase a TV antenna.

WESH 2.1 Orlando, FL. NBC reception problems >

WLUK 11.1 Green Bay FOX reception problems >

WJRT 12.1 Flint, MI. ABC reception problem >

WILX 10.1 NBC Lansing, MI. reception problem >

WWTV 9.1 Cadillac, MI. CBS reception problem >

WOOD 8.1 Grand Rapids, MI. NBC reception problem >

WWMT 3.1 Grand Rapids, MI. CBS reception problem >

WJBK 2.1 Detroit MI. FOX reception problem >

WBBM 2.1 Chicago, IL. CBS reception problem >

WTOL 11.1 Toledo, OH. CBS reception problem >

WTVG 13.1 Toledo, OH. ABC reception problem >

WJW 8.1 Cleveland, OH FOX reception problem >

WICU 12.1 Erie, PA. NBC reception problem >

WISH 8.1 Indianapolis, IN CBS reception problem >

WTHR 13.1 Indianapolis, IN. NBC reception problem >

WOIO 19.1 Cleveland, OH CBS reception problem >

WKRC 12.1 Cincinnati, OH. CBS reception problem >

WTHI 10.1 Terre Haute, IN. CBS reception problem >

WREX 13.1 Rockford, IL. NBC reception problem >

WISC 3.1 Madison, WI. CBS reception problem >

WKBT 8.1 La Crosse, WI. CBS reception problem >

WSAW 7.1 Wausau, WI. CBS reception problem >

WAOW 9.1 Wausau, WI. ABC reception problem >

WDIO 10.1 Duluth, MN. FOX reception problem >

KARE 11.1 Minneapolis, MN. NBC reception problem >

KMSP 9.1 Minneapolis, MN. FOX reception problem >

KTTC 10.1 Rochester, MN. NBC reception problem >

KELO 11.1 Sioux Falls, SD. CBS reception problem >

KSFY 13.1 Sioux Falls, SD. ABC reception problem >

KTTW 17.1 Sioux Falls, SD. FOX reception problem >

KCAU 9.1 Sioux City, IA. ABC reception problem > 

WHTM 27.1 Harrisburg, PA. ABC reception problem >

WGAL 8.1 York, PA. NBC reception problem >

WABC 7.1 New York, NY. ABC reception problem >

WNAC 64.1 Providence, RI. FOX reception problem >

WTNH 8.1 New Haven, CT. ABC reception problem >

WWLP 22.1 Springfield, MA. NBC reception problem >

WMUR 9.1 Manchester, NH. ABC reception problem > 

WMTW 8.1 Portland, ME. ABC reception problem >

WVNY 22.1 Burlington, VT. ABC  reception problem >

WROC 8.1 Rochester, NY. CBS reception problem >

WHEC 10.1 Rochester, NY. NBC reception problem >

WJZ 13.1 Baltimore, MD. CBS reception problem >

WBAL 11.1 Baltimore, MD. NBC reception problem >

WUSA 9.1 Washington, D.C.. CBS reception problem >

WJLA 7.1 Washington, D.C.. ABC reception problem >

WWBT 12.1 Richmond, VA. NBC reception problem >

WVEC 13.1 Norfolk, VA. ABC reception problem >

WNCT 9.1 Greenville, NC. CBS reception problem >

WCTI 12.1 Greenville, NC. ABC  reception problem >

WTVD 11.1 Raleigh, NC. ABC reception problem >

WNCN 17.1 Raleigh, NC. CBS reception problem >

WOLO 25.1 Columbiq, SC. ABC reception problem >

WBTW 13.1 Florence, SC. CBS reception problem >

WIS 10.1 Columbia, SC. NBC reception problem >

WRDW 12.1 Augusta, GA. CBS  reception problem >

WTOC 11.1 Savannah, GA. CBS reception problem >

WTLV 12.1 Jqacksonville, FL. NBC reception problem >

WJXX 25.1 Jacksonville, FL. ABC reception problem >

WPTV 5.1 West Palm Beach, FL. NBC reception problem >

WPEC 12.1 West Palm Beach, FL. CBS reception problem >

WSVN 7.1 Miami, FL. FOX reception problem >

WPLG 10.1 Miami, FL. ABC reception problem >

WTVT 13.1 Tampa, FL. FOX  reception problem >

WTSP 10.1 Tampa, FL. CBS  reception problem >

WFLA 8.1 Tampa, FL. NBC reception problem >

WNBW 9.1 Gainesville, FL. NBC reception problem >

WMBB 13.1 Panama City, FL. ABC  reception problem >

WPGX 28.1 Panama City, FL. FOX reception problem >

WALB 10.1 Albany, GA. NBC reception problem >

WFXL 31.1 Albany, GA. FOX reception problem >

WMAZ 13.1 Macon, GA. CBS reception problem >

WXIA 11.1 Atlanta, GA. NBC reception problem >

WSPA 7.1 Spartanburg, SC. CBS reception problem >

WOWK 13.1 Charleston, WV. CBS reception problem >

WVNS 59.1 Lewisburg, WV. CBS reception problem >

WBOY 12.1 Clarksburg, WV. NBC reception problem >

WVFX 46.1 Clarksburg, WV. NBC reception problem >

WTRF 7.1 Wheeling, WV. CBS reception problem >

WBIR 10.1 Knoxville, TN. NBC reception problem  >

WRCB 3.1 Chattanooga, TN. NBC reception problem >

WTVC 9.1 Chattanooga, TN. ABC reception problem >

WDEF 12.1 Chattanooga, TN. CBS reception problem >

Sycamore, Illinois TV Antenna Reception
The Sycamore area offers an Excellent variety of free over the air TV programming from Chicago and Rockford.

TV antenna for Scottsdale, Arizona.
I purchased your EZ HD TV antenna. I now receive 105 digital channels in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Yahoo! I can't thank you enough!

Michigan TV antenna installation service >
Servicing the entire lower peninsula of Michigan. Offering quality TV antenna installation service and workmanship since 1988. Contact us for a quote today!