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Best for long range rural digital TV reception

Best built, best performing TV antenna on the market today!

Excellent choice for long range rural TV antenna reception. 

HD Stacker Antenna
100% made in the USA >

HD Stacker TV antenna designed for long range rural TV reception HD Stacker with eave mount > HD Stacker attic mountedHD Stacker with 36" J pole mount >

Computer Tuned -Test Range Certified >>

  • Stacked design reduces wind load and increases signal gain
  • Designed for Maximum performance under any conditions
  • Dual Band Reception Receives VHF and UHF Digital Channels
  • Eliminates pixlation in weak/rural signal areas
  • Made in the USA in Burlington, IA. 
  • Withstands strong wind, verified up to 100 mph. 
  • Best Long Range TV Antenna for rural areas

For those seeking the very best TV reception.

The innovative design of the HD Stacker antenna reduces signal interruption and improves performance by focusing TV signal gain to the front of the antenna and by rejecting signal interference from the sides and rear of the antenna that causes pixelation. When comparing performance and long range reception directional antennas are far superior to omnidirectional antennas . 

HD Stacker Specifications

Antenna type VHF/UHF/FM directional
Weight 8 pounds
Max. Length 70"
Max. width 60"
Max. height 36"
Mast pipe size 3/4" to 1 7/8"
Carton size 47" X 9" X 7"

Physical Dimensions

HD Stacker antenna physical dimensions

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Assembling the HD Stacker antenna 

Assembling the HD Stacker antenna >

Excellent choice for long range rural TV reception. 

We know for a fact when it comes to TV antenna performance, bigger is always better. There's no denying it! Better performance is equal to the total surface area of the antenna assuming the antenna is properly tuned and designed >. The more surface area the antenna presents to the TV signal the better it will capture the TV signal. The HD Stacker antenna stacked design provides a larger surface area to receive difficult rural weak TV signals. 

In 2009 all full powered TV station transitioned from broadcasting analog TV signal to broadcasting digital TV signal. Digital TV signals are VHF and UHF TV signals just as they were for analog broadcasting.  

Imported TV antennas come in all shapes and sizes making outrages claims about performance. Antennas that come in plastic boxes, or flat antennas that stick on the wall.  There are boatloads of cheap poor performing TV antennas imported into our Country that simply don't work as advertised. The HD Stacker antenna is 100% made in the USA >

Long range TV antenna design

Your recommended products worked flawlessly. Got everything installed this morning and picked up 70 HD channels. Your instructions on where to point it was spot on. Your web link and photos answered all the missing information in the antenna assembly instructions. I already suggested you to a friend this morning and will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks so much,
Mike *****
Granbury, Texas

 The perfect combination of quality and performance for the best long range rural TV reception >

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An excellent choice for long range rural TV reception. Made in the USA.