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Long Range TV Antenna system for rural TV reception.
Posted by Denny Duplessis

Setting up a TV antenna reception system for maximum performance. 

TV antenna test

We have tested a lot of antennas and equipment. For reliable TV reception nothing works better than the items illustrated below.

HD Stacker antenna
#1 HD Stacker antenna


LNA 200  mast mounted TV antenna preamplifier
#2 LNA 200 Preamplifier
Mast mounted 


TV antenna preamplifier power inserter
#3 Preamplifier power inserter (Included)
Indoor mounted


LNA 100 signal distribution amplifier
LNA 100 Dist. Amp.
Indoor mounted after the preamplifier power inserter and before the signal splitter.


4 way signal splitter
Signal Splitter


Flat screen TV

Run a short 3 - 4 foot coax cable > from the HD Stacker antenna > to the LNA 200 mast mounted preamplifier >. From the mast mounted LNA 200 preamplifier run indoors to the preamplifier power inserter (included). The power inserter requires an electrical outlet.  From the preamplifier power inserter to the LNA 100 distribution amplifier >. From the LNA 100 to the signal splitter > and from the splitter to the TVs. 

The illustration above utilizes a 4 way signal splitter to supply 4 TVs. The recommended equipment above allows up to 8 TVs using an 8 way splitter without affecting performance.

Any unused signal splitter ports should be capped off using an F terminator >

Customer feedback


Just finished my installation. Wow! Scanned all 5 of my TV’s. 70 plus channels for free. Can’t wait to call the cable company, $140/ month. Will add YouTube for streaming Braves and NASCAR races not on networks. If there's anyone in my area that doubts your equipment, let them know of my results.

Thank you,
Location: Jasper, Georgia 30143
Equipment: HD Stacker antenna > - LNA 200 preamplifier > - LNA 100 distribution amplifier >

Hey Denny,

We are thrilled with the reception we are getting. We purchased your HD Stacker antenna with the boosters you recommend on your web page. We haven't had good reception since all of the channels went to digital.  We have tried several antennas hoping to get rid of our satellite service at $90 a month. None of the antennas we tried worked to get all of the network channels until we got your stacker. We spent $275 on the antenna and supplies about 3 months of satellite service.  We live in rural Wisconsin and could't be happier with the results.  We have 4 TVs and all get great reception from Green Bay, WI. 

Avery K.
Keshena, Wisconsin
Equipment: HD Stacker antenna > - LNA 200 preamplifier > - LNA 100 distribution amplifier >

More fact based information can be found at Product and knowledge support >