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How to install a TV antenna

We know how to install a TV antenna, because that's what we do. 

TV antenna eave mount installation

Do - it - yourself TV antenna installation >
Read this before you decide to install a TV antenna. Telling it like it is. Sharing 30 + years of TV antenna installation experience. The goal here is to share with you the equipment needed to complete the antenna installation. 

Biggest mistakes made buying a TV antenna >
Denny's Antenna Service has been around for a long time. Over 30 years and counting.
Here's our rundown of mistakes to avoid when buying a TV antenna.

TV antenna range >  
No one goes to court or is sued for lying about TV antenna range. Little a consumer can do except get educated and recognize scams when you see one.  TV antenna range is the distance a TV antenna can receive a TV signal that is stable and reliable day in and day out.

Why are most TV antennas designed wrong >
To explain why most TV antennas are designed wrong we have to go back in time. Around the year 2003 when the U.S. over the air TV industry began to physical switch from broadcasting analog TV signals to broadcasting a digital TV signals. The digital transition was completed in 2009. It was truly a massive undertaking converting over 2,000 TV stations from analog TV signal to digital TV signal.

4K TV antennas >
4K TV antennas. Another scam you should be aware of before installing a TV antenna. Pay no attention to any reference claiming the antenna is designed for better 4k TV reception performance. Bottom line, there's no such thing as a 4k TV antenna. Any TV antenna that claims to perform better because it's a 4k TV antenna is a scam. 

TV antenna installation and reception in rural areas >
Now that the TV signals are all digitalis is good rural TV reception even possible? The simple answer is yes it is. Good quality free to air TV reception using a TV antenna is available to over 98% of the population in the United States.

Long range, weak signal reception >
TV antenna system installation for maximum performance. We've tested a lot of antennas and equipment. For reliable TV reception nothing works better than the items on this page.

Precisely tuned and test range certified antennas. >
What does tuned and test range certified mean?  TV signals are best receive by individually dedicated antenna elements cut to length to match the TV signal frequency in use. The more precisely tuned frequency dedicated elements a TV antenna has the better it will perform. 

TV antenna attic installation >
Can a TV antenna work when installed in the attic? A few things to consider before making the attic install. How to determine your chances a TV antenna will work in the attic. Factors that affect attic TV reception. How to select a TV antenna for your attic. 

Installing and coupling TV antennas
Coupling, joining and stacking TV antennas >
Couple and joining antennas together to receive signal from different directions. Stack TV antennas together to improve performance. The proper order for Stacking and coupling TV antennas.

Switching from Cable or Satellite TV to a TV antenna >
It's called "cord cutting" and people by the tens of thousands are installing TV antennas to save money. Can I use the same coax cable for the antenna that I use for Cable TV or Satellite service? How many channels will I receive with a TV antenna? Can my HOA or any community rules prevent me from installing a TV antenna on my roof?

Indoor vs. Outdoor antennas >
With few exceptions, the chances of great TV reception success using an indoor TV antenna are slim.  By great I mean 24/7 reception 365 days a year. Should I try an Indoor Antenna? In nearly every situation; a well-designed outdoor TV antenna will outperform and provide better TV reception than a well-designed indoor antenna.

Digital TV antenna reception >
Debunking the myths about digital TV reception and getting at the truth.  Are all digital TV channels UHF signal channels? Will a signal booster always improve TV reception? Can a TV antenna receive reliable TV reception at a distance 150 miles or more? Do 4K TV HDTV antennas work better for the reception of 4K HDTV signals? Does new technology allow small TV antenna to work as well as good big antennas.

What's the difference between a VHF and UHF TV antenna >
Most antennas on the market today are designed to receive UHF signals and not VHF signals.  Most areas of the U.S. have VHF TV stations. Can VHF TV signals be received using an UHF TV antenna? Is the antenna truly designed to receive VHF TV signal?

How to install a TV antenna preamplifier
How to install a TV antenna preamplifier >
More preamplifier's fail because of improper installation then for any other reason. What's the difference between a preamplifier and distribution amplifier?  How does a preamplifier get electricity to operate?  How to choose the proper preamplifier?

Designing and installing a TV antenna signal distribution system >
Learn the basic techniques that lead to successful TV signal distribution.  Connect multiple TVs to a single antenna. You can enjoy the same quality of TV reception when supplying 1 TV or dozens of TVs. You just have to do it right. This will require signal amplifier(s), a signal splitter (divider) and coax cable.

TV antenna for multiple TVs
Supplying multiple TVs from one antenna has nothing to do with the antenna and everything to do with the antenna distribution system layout and proper signal amplification.

TV antenna amplifiers/boosters will not improve signal quality >
What's the difference between signal strength and signal quality? Avoid the biggest mistake most people make. Under buying the antenna and over buying the amplifier.

How to install a TV antenna tripod
How to install a tripod mount >
A professional tripod mount > installation that never leaks and will weather any storm.  Installing an antenna tripod mount should be a one time project. Start with a well built quality tripod mount, do the job right and the tripod will provide decades of service. Many of the antenna tripods I installed 25 + years ago are still in use and going strong.

Install a TV antenna eave mount
How to install an eave mount >
Learn the techniques I learned years ago. It makes installing an eave mount > easier and safer. 

How to install coax cable fitting

Step by step procedures with illustrations, I have installed thousands of cable fittings in my career and I still can't make a perfect connection without the proper tools. It only takes one bad connection to ruin the reception of the entire antenna system. 

TV antenna installation and reception questions and answers >
Antenna range?   Best amplifier?   Multiple TVs with one antenna?   Best cable?  Antenna height?,  Indoor antennas?  Distributing the TV signal? 

TV antenna recommendation service >
Get an accurate TV antenna recommendation specific to your exact location. We have the tools and the know how to get it right. In most cases I reply within 24 hours or less. The recommendation is sent to the email address you provide. All info. is strictly confidential. 

TV antenna and wind turbine interference >
For more than a decade and over 1,000 TV antennas installed in the wind turbine fields,
we have leaned a lot about wind turbine and TV antenna reception interference.