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How to install the TV antenna tripod mount

Three decades of installing antenna tripod mounts has taught us a thing or two.
No leaks, no problems, no worries!

Installing an antenna tripod mount should be a one time project. Start with a well built quality tripod mount, do the job right and the tripod will provide decades of service. Many of the antenna tripods  I installed 25 + years ago are still in use and going strong.

Antenna tripod roof mount

Step 1.

A. Unfold the tripod legs and loosen pipe support bolts.
B. Insert a mast pipe into the tripod and tighten pipe support bolts.
Inserting a short pipe will provide a reference for level and make the tripod easier to handle. 
C. Place the tripod on the roof peak.

Tripod mount sealing pads

Step 2.

A. Apply the roof sealing pads (included) to the bottom of each tripod leg platform.
B. Swivel the base mounting plate of each leg to match the roof angle. Position your tripod into location.  Check to make sure it's level. 

Drill pilot holes

Step 3.

A. With each leg platform firmly pressed onto the roof drill pilot holes in the two outside holes of the leg platform into the roof using a drill bit about half the diameter of the lag screws. Pre-drilling will prevent the lag screws from splitting and cracking the wood.
B. Insert a lag screw into the pre-drilled holes and tighten firmly until the sealing pad begins to ooze out from underneath.
Do not over tighten the lag screw and strip the pilot hole.  
C. Repeat until all lag screws are installed. 

HD Stacker with tripod mount

Above: Dave, purchased our tripod and was kind enough to share a picture of his tripod mount >.

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