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How to install the antenna Eave mount

Learn the techniques I learned years ago that makes installing an eave mount easier and safer.

Step 1. Large bracket assembly

Eave mount lower bracket assembly

A. Place one of the larger bracket halves on top of the other half lining up the center holes. If the holes do not line up properly place the bottom half on top.
B. Insert the two small bolts in the outer two hole of the four holes attach nuts and tighten.

Step 2. Insert the Mast Pipe into the lower bracket

Lower bracket with pipe

Insert pipe into lower bracket

Insert the long bolts through the two holes in the center of the large bracket. Place the pipe clamp strap onto the bolts, thread the nuts onto the bolts and insert the pipe and tighten. This pipe should be short for ease of installation. If a longer pipe is desired once the eave mount installation is complete replace the shorter piece used for installation with the desired length after the installation is complete. Mast pipe not included.

Step 3. Installing the eave mount upper bracket. 

Install the eave mount upper bracket  Eave mount upper bracket

This procedure may be done from a ladder below or from the roof above. In this case I chose the roof above.

A. With the small bracket center at the peak, using a drill bit about half the thickness of the lag screws, drill two pilot holes through each bracket hole into the facing board. This procedure will prevent the wood from cracking and splitting and insure a solid mount.
B. Insert the lag screws into the holes and tighten firmly.

Step 4. Installing the lower bracket
Install lag srews to lower bracket          Tighten upper bracket onto mast pipe

A. Insert the pipe with the lower bracket attached into the upper bracket. Raise or lower it until the lower bracket aligns with the roof facing and the pipe is level.

B. Tighten the bolts in the upper bracket around the mast pipe. This method will hold the lower bracket in place. The lower bracket is held in place by the upper bracket. This procedure will make installing the lower bracket much easier. 

More fact based information can be found at Product and knowledge support > 

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