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HD Stacker TV antenna reviews

Most recent reviews from verified HD Stacker antenna customers.

I get every channel in my area

Posted by BJ 8th April 2021

Just a quick note….
After trying three other antennas in a remote location in the Missouri Ozarks, and failing to receive the limited list of channels, I installed your HD stacker and get every VHF-Hi and UHF channel in my areas obtainable line-up.
Excellent! Very satisfied with the product, as well as the speed in which you processed and shipped my order.

Thanks again,


I'm Happy

Posted by Don 6th April 2021

 Well Denny, I got off the roof about and hour ago, ran a new scan and I’m happy to report that the Stacker did the trick! I now get all three channels I was missing. Thank you for guiding me through this process. My signal is now stronger than ever and I was even able to lower the antenna 5’ to increase stability. I think I’m all set for awhile.
Thanks again Denny!
All the best,


Posted By: M H

Just installed the Stacker this week and it is awesome. I had a UHF antenna and when channels changed their signals, half of our locals went to VHF. The Stacker (plus same amp as I had) brings in all locals and so far at a higher signal strength than I had before. I did raise the Stacker antenna height about 3-4 ft from last antenna. I really like that it is not huge like many "long distance" antennas are. It definitely does the job here. I am about 43 miles from local broadcast towers.

Great reception  

Posted by Linda on 22nd Apr 2020

This antenna was easy to install in the attic, tied to a beam ! There is no noticeable difference between this and the dish as far as picture quality. The best part is that it works in the attic. Also great that we have it installed to 3 TV’s for free!

TV reception like I'm in the city 

Posted by Thomas W. on 28th Mar 2020

It seemed to be getting harder and harder to get a good reception in the Florida Space Coast area. So I emailed Denny's and the next day they recommended a pricey (big) antenna. So it arrived (FedEx) and I installed it following the instructions included. Aimed it in the direction they recommended, and I didn't have to touch a thing. Thank you!

I'm very particular about my antennas

Posted By: Don D.  March 27th. 2020

I'm very particular about my antennas, as I've been a ham radio operator for 60 yrs and have built/used many antennas. For TV this is definately one of the very best I have ever used. I live in the Phoenix area where most of our TV towers are co-located high on a mountain, so just pointing the antenna works just fine. I'm about 20 miles from the towers, but still chose this rural antenna, as needed higher gain to offset signal loss through the roof. Been using it for about a year now and get perfect reception on about 80 stations.

Antenna works great. Installed 4 now and it does the job.

Posted by Mark S. 25th Dec 2019

Great antenna at a great price

The hd stacker is awesome it’s brought new life to my Sony Bravia. I’m in a lower area with hills all around me in southern middle Tennessee 50 miles south of Nashville and approximately 50 miles north of Huntsville al. I’m pulling in 39 channels with this antenna I strongly recommend the hd stacker to everyone who’s ready to drop those satellites and cable bills thank you Denny

Posted By: Bill from tennessee 21st Dec 2019

Great product  

Posted by Mark on 28th Oct 2019

Antenna worked as advertised

Excellent products 
Posted by Unknown on 22nd Oct 2019

Can't say enough good things

Posted by Jeremy on 20th Oct 2019

I ordered the HD Stacker kit #3. It arrived in two days from the day I ordered. It was complete with everything as advertised. I had a few questions so I emailed several times for help and each time they responded quickly with the answers I needed.  Can't say enough good things about the product and service. I will definitely recommend Denny's Antenna. 

Great reception

Posted by Mike on 20th Oct 2019

Purchased this antenna and LNA 200 preamplifier. Far exceeded expectations. All purchased on Denny’s antenna recommendations based on my address. Expected to get what I was after fox, abc ,cbs the basic locals they are 45 miles away. Bonus 40 additional channels from both directions. Quick shipping great communication.

Works great!

Posted by Unknown on 18th Oct 2019

We replaced a Winegard deep fringe HD 8200U with the stacker from Denny's. The Winegard is very large and was affected by wind causing pixelation. This stacker is more compact and sturdy built, it is all there just in a compact design. We are in the Chicago market with towers being 69 miles away. We also have CBS on VHF. This antenna with the winegard LNA 200 preamplifier brings in 60 stations, 6 from the backside, the rest from the front side of where the antenna is pointed. All channels CBS,  ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, WCIU, WGN and more are clear. We do not need a rotor since these all come in from the Chicago direction. Denny this is a great product and I am glad I made this purchase. Thanks from Clifton, Il.

The HD Stacker gives me every channel that's available and very clear.

Excellent performance 
Posted by Parker on 15th Oct 2019

It has only been up for 1 week, but so far it is performing very well as a fringe antenna. 

Posted by John from Lowell MA on 14th Oct 2019

Nothing beats this antenna

Posted by Ken on 10th Oct 2019

I could not pick up all channels consistently (due to low signal strength) after I was forced into doing a channel rescan because some of the TV Stations changed their frequency. So I did some research and decided to get Denny's HD Stacker Antenna and now I get all channels, all the time. I would definitely recommend Denny's HD Stacker Antenna.

The antenna didn't work for me. Maybe I installed something wrong. In retrospect I probably should've contacted them for help. I'm considering trying again. 

Posted by Unknown on 8th Oct 2019

Great Antenna!

Posted by Jon on 8th Oct 2019

This is the second one I have purchased and that is for good reason! The one we had in Reno NV worked great and this one works very well in Kingman AZ. We got over 40 channels right of the bat before doing and adjusting. We don't watch the stuff satellite TV offers, so to buy this instead of paying a monthly bill is a great deal!

Much better reception

I live in rural Montana, with transmitters located 40 and 90 miles away. By the websites that tell you what antenna to get I was considered extreme fringe and reception was questionable at best. Contacted Denny's and was told about the guarantee that if not getting reception send back for full refund. I don't need to send it back. could not be happier with the stacker antenna. I get 21 channels, all with great picture and so far better reliability than DISH.

Posted by Unknown on 8th Oct 2019

Easy to install

We're about 70 miles from the Minneapolis area antennas and have had trouble getting a consistent reliable signal. The HD Stacker was easy to assemble and install on our rooftop. The signal has been crystal clear on all of the channels we had trouble with before and we gained a couple extras. The recommendation from Denny's Antenna Service was spot on!

Posted by Charles on 8th Oct 2019

Great Antenna!  

Posted by Unknown on 30th Sep 2019

I live in the country near Keokuk IA. and had been using a Omni directional power antenna that was less than one year old in my attic. It worked good for the first 8 months or so, then I began having trouble getting consistent reception from the Quincy, IL. stations (7&10) some 34 miles away. I ended up installing an HD Stacker antenna mounted in the attic with great results. I have better signal strength with no signal amplifier. It's a great antenna and I would highly recommend it!
80 Miles from favorite local station. 
Posted by Steve Diskin on 30th Sep 2019

Astounded by the strength of unamplified channels

Living in Northern Michigan it's hard to pick up the better TV stations... I bought this antenna on product reviews. In my area there only 2 TV stations. But Sincd I installed HD Stacker I'm picking up another TV station out of Vanderbilt, Mi Wfup channel 45 but that station is moving to channel 21 because of the FCC mandatory repack. But I receive all 3 of there channels in which are 45.1 thur 45.3. I've also bought a preamp, RG-6 coaxial cable. Denny's Antenna Service staff are friendly and very much experienced. I bought the HD Stacker off the reviews from other customers.

Posted by Richard (Chip) Toy on 17th Sep 2019

Better than the biggest antenna i could find

Been switching in and out antennas for more than two years, trying to get Ch 11 and Ch 13 out of Toledo for the best signal. I live near Sandusky Ohio, so the Cleveland channels are no problem. But always had trouble with Toledo stations almost 50 miles away. After putting up the stacker and pointing it, my jaw drooped after I scanned for Toledo! Before I even added the preamp, I was getting 6 bars out of 10, when before with a giant Channel Master and preamp, I was barely getting 3 or 4 bars, and drop outs (no signal some days!). Very HOT Antenna. -was getting tired of going on the roof twice a year for a better signal. Thanks Denny.

-Chip in Huron, Ohio 6th Sep 2019

had a HD8200XL and and my channels would cut out all the time got the HD stacker and my channels work great now plus all the maps shows no channels at all for my area but the HD stacker got a few for me

thanks denny's
Mom's so HAPPY ! 
Posted by Mark Warehime on 22nd Aug 2019

Having installed the Denny's antenna for myself with great results I purchased one for my Mom when lightning struck the CB tower that also held a big antenna that was at least 20 years old. While putting the antenna up my Mom said it was to small and I told her to wait and see, much to her surprise when install was finished and scan was done she picked up 40 channels ! Mom's happy I'm Happy !! Thanks Denny

stacker ant review 
Posted by Brian M. on 19th Aug 2019

Cable Cutter

Gained about 8-10 more channels over previous antenna We live out in the country in low level land below a hill Some stations come and go Reception vastly improved though

Posted by David Ulrich on 15th Aug 2019

Buy one you won't regret it. Awesome Antenna!

We have been experimenting with every type of antenna, from those flat plastic ones to finally trying an outdoor one from lowes. that one was okay, albeit much better than any of the flat ones. now that we have the Stacker antenna from Denny's we have 19 channels of great reception.

Posted by Mike on 13th Aug 2019

love this antenna

Had direct tv for 21 years, dropped due to constant price increases. Tried a few streaming services, again the cost was to high for what you get. Researched antennas for our local stations in NE Ohio, 42 miles from the Cleveland towers. Tried the amazon $30 special, sent it back the next day cause they don't work. Found Denny's site and called and talked with Tony and decided to try the HD Stacker. Installed it outside on an eve mount and added a wineguard ! NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and more all come in crystal clear HD. Better picture than I had with satellite or streaming.

Between the antenna and 7.00 a month for Hulu...perfect combination

Thanks Denny's !
excellent reception 
Posted by Unknown on 9th Aug 2019

Works Great! 
Posted by Glenn Colomes on 29th Jul 2019

Talked with Denny, decided to go with his recommendation for the double stack. Installed in the upper attic, received 49 channels - very happy!
Installed the recommended LNA 200 because I was connecting the antenna to 2 TV's and lost most of the channels. Removed it and still have great reception without it. Returning this to Denny - no questions asked. Definitely recommend Denny's Antenna because he is very responsive to phone calls, emails and provides support for his products!!!
Excellent antenna but needed a signal booster 
Posted by Unknown on 29th Jul 2019

does just what it says

My neighbor put this antenna up a year ago on his roof. He realized he only watched about two hours of TV a week and the cost of cable was not worth it. I watch less than 15 minutes a week, but wanted to be able to see local news when there is a power outage. I have a solar battery backup for emergencies. We both get the same number of channels except I am missing channel 10. Our antennas are the same height. We are about 100 to 150 feet apart. Both antennas are pointing at the same antenna farm. I am just missing channel 10 which has a decent weather forecast when there are storms, plus I think it has football if I ever decide to watch NFL again. I purchased a signal booster and now I get channel 10. I highly recommend this antenna. Do not waste your money falling for the crap on Amazon. I tried 3 different crappy amazon antennas and spent about the same between them as if I would have just purchased this the fist time.

Posted by debra on 28th Jul 2019

Both satellite tv companies have dropped several of our local channels. Besides that, we live in a hurricane prone area and with our weather we lose the satellite transmission all the time. Not good to lose weather broadcast during a storm! We live 40 to 60 miles from local transmitters and had no luck with the “stick in the window “ antennas. Went to Denny’s website and used the selector to choose what should work best for us. Easy to assemble and install. Got it aimed and we get 30+ channels even in the rain. Exactly what we needed.

Great reception 
Posted by Unknown on 28th Jul 2019

All the stations were weak on the reception map. I have a preamp and a distribution amplifier. I am getting some stations that weren’t even on the map.

nice compact design & well made 
Posted by Pablo E Lopez on 9th Jun 2019

U & V-hf in one and the stacked design makes it much easier to handle during installation. I think it will do better with the wind and definitely less torque on the rotator. Works great in remote Okeechobee county. thinking of adding higher pole. currently getting all signal within 50 or so miles and depending on weather almost 100 miles.

works great! 
Posted by Al on 5th Jun 2019

The package came fast! The instructions on YouTube were easy to understand and I assembled the antenna in just a few minutes. I added a rotor and booster. A 25feet high mast I used. I pointed the antenna to the direction the TVFool established for me. I received 28 channels clearer than my satellite. I turned the rotor for the next established direction and received 16 more channels which were very clear too. I am very satisfied with the HD Stacker from Denny's antenna. Now my next order of business will be to take down the dish and cancel my subscription with the satellite people. Thanks to Denny's Antenna I can stop the monthly fees from satellite and watch free TV now.

Great Antenna! 
Posted by Al on 4th Jun 2019

Thank you for the fast shipping, easy instructions to assemble the antenna, and best of all is the excellent reception. I installed a rotor and booster and have it app. 25 feet high. I can set my antenna in one direction for 24 channels and turn the rotor to the second direction to receive 16 channels. The reception is clearer than my satellite. My next project is to take down the satellite dish that I don't need anymore. I am very pleased with my Denny's HD Stacker antenna!

I would recommend this product 10 times over 
Posted by Todd on 2nd Jun 2019

I was pleasantly surprised to even find this product. I had found a few people on Youtube who had really praised it but I was never really able to find anyone who sold it until recently.

What I really like about it is the 2 in 1 design. It does both VHF and UHF but it’s more compact because of the way it’s designed. The HD8200U Platinum is a good antenna but it spans 14 feet in length. That makes this design more preferable, in my view, to be mounted on a roof.
I personally own the Wingard HD8200U Platinum and it can be mounted on a roof. I myself would rather install it on a tower with a rotor just because of its design. The HD Stacker is just as powerful but it’s more compact. That’s kind of nice because if you want to mount it in your attic, it will take up less space.
In my area, we don’t really have a sweet spot for picking up signals. The stations we do pick up are tuned in at different heights. One station you might be able to pick up at 20 feet but it can’t be picked up at 30 feet. What you do to get around it is mount a few antennas on a pole or tower at the proper heights in different directions and use a signal combiner to merge them together.
I have no quarrel with this product at all. In fact, its powerful compact design and ability to pick up both VHF and UHF distant signals satisfies a unique niche in territory where nobody else makes a competing product. Otherwise, if you want UHF and VHF in an outdoor antenna that’s designed to pick up distant signals, you will have to go with something that has a much larger footprint.

Posted by Shellee Garrett on 23rd May 2019

This has been a great antenna. A little tricky to put together, but, a wonderful result.

Works as well as I had Hoped 
Posted by Ben on 17th May 2019

We had a $60 motorized rotating Lava antenna with a pre-amp booster on our roof. I put this stacker antenna in our attic to keep it out of the elements and it outperforms the old one. We get all the networks plus some others we don't care about. The old antenna could not get all the networks. The stacker takes some time to assemble, but it is totally worth it. Great, solid product!

Great Reception 
Posted by James A. Pearce on 15th May 2019

Replaced an attack installed pre-amplified antenna that was supposed to get 75 mile reception with this antenna. The original antenna worked but often times had a pixelated picture. This (HD Stacker) antenna was also attack installed along with the Channel Master pre-amplifier provides pixelated free viewing with excellent quality.....

Mediocre so far 
Posted by Jack Phillips on 7th May 2019

Kind of difficult to put together even with video. Written instructions are not very good. No instruction on proper angle of arms. Once installed there was very little improvement of signal (one channel increased strength) on the channel we already received well. No improvement on other channels from previous Channel Master antenna. No VHF-LO. Will tweak the direction to see if we can improve.

HD Stacker Crystal Lake IL 43 Miles in Attic 
Posted by Tom in Crystal Lake IL on 7th May 2019

43.5 Miles from Chicago stations @ 128-130 Degrees. Installed HD Stacker about 16 ft up in Garage Attic back facing due East. Moved Antenna to about 135 degrees to get better reception; don't know why this would be the case. Antenna Amp 2 ft down and the Power Injector 22 ft later. 20 more ft to powered Amplified 4 Line Splitter in basement. One TV 70 ft via old RG59 another TV via new 84 ft RG6 cable. Added Roku Ultra at both TVs and also one Tablo DVR. New Orb to node i full house mesh internet allowed for WiFi to Roku and Tablo. Get all OTA Chicago channels clean and clear... and from the Attic not outdoors.

Outstanding Reception! 
Posted by Kenneth D Dunscomb on 6th May 2019

I ordered this antenna to replace another outdoor antenna that was pixelating and dropping out local OTA channels about 21 miles away. This antenna solved the problem and all stations are locked in.

as good as advertised 
Posted by Chris Lyons on 1st May 2019

Antenna assembled easily about 20 minutes and installation was also very easy. All needed parts were included and seemed of high quality. Nearest towers are 72 and 88 miles away. Reception is very good! Would recommend to anyone needing extended reach.

gave me 10 channels in place i was not supposed to get any 
Posted by jeff on 28th Apr 2019

All products and delivery were top notch. Best thing however was Denny’s advice and recommendations. Thanks!

fantastic TV antenna 
Posted by JM on 26th Apr 2019

I can't believe I waited so long to buy the HD Stacker my previous antenna was 150 Mi range antenna LOL only got 30 channels on that, the HD Stacker I now get 62 stations clear thanks, for making such a great antenna.

Double Stacker Antenna 
Posted by Bob on 21st Apr 2019

This is the third antenna I have tried and truly works as advertised. My Green Bay stations are 48 miles away and I live in the woods with tall mature pines. I have it installed two feet above the roofline with a winegard amplifier.

Works as promised! 
Posted by Unknown on 18th Apr 2019

I was amazed at receiving 47 channels with antenna in one direction. Might receive more if adjusted in another direction. The addition of a preamp helped tremendously. Appreciate the expert advice on installing for best reception. Thanks for your product and service. Going to recommend to friends and relatives who want to make the switch to antenna TV.

who needs cable? 
Posted by Lisa Atkinson on 15th Apr 2019


Why pay hundreds of dollars every month? We get more channels with this antenna than we ever did with basic cable.