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HD Stacker Antenna

May be the ugliest TV antenna on the market.

HD Stacker best long range rural TV antenna

You're fooling yourself if you think small antennas work as good as big antennas.
That's scientifically impossible. 

The unique double boom design of the HD Stacker provides 12 feet of performance in a 6 foot antenna.

If other antennas have failed, or you simply want success the first time,
the HD Stacker is an excellent choice.

We did our best to take the ugly out while leaving the performance in.

Bob from Newberg, Oregon displays his giant 12.5 foot Channel Master antenna
that he replaced with the HD Stacker antenna. 

Channel Master 3020 VS. the HD Stacker

I just wanted to let you know that the HD Stacker arrived on Friday and I installed it on Saturday.  I did a before/after check of signal strength (using TV signal strength readout) and saw an improvement on all channels!  

My main goal was to improve reception on our local CBS station.  The reason: I'm a big fan of the NCAA basketball March Madness tournament which is broadcast on CBS.  Using the signal strength indicator on my TV, I saw the level change from 4 bars (with my old antenna) to 7 bars!  I'm not sure what a bar equates to in micro volts/meter but it made reception solid.
Assembly of the HD Stacker went well and all parts were there in the shipment.  Construction quality of all antenna sections was very good.  I really liked the compact nature of the Stacker compared to the 12-foot behemoth it replaced!
Thanks for your support and for the nice antenna design.
Bob I.
Newberg, OR
Location: Newberg, Oregon (97132)