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HD Stacker TV Antenna Complete Installation Kit

Starting from scratch? The HD Stacker TV antenna kits provide you with everything needed.

HD Stacker Antenna
Comes with all kits

HD Stacker best long range rural TV antenna

Three HD Stacker TV antenna kits to choose from. Each kit is the same except for the mount.  

  • #1 comes with a chimney mount. 
  • #2 comes with an eave mount
  • #3 comes with a 5 foot tripod mount.

All kits come with  our full support > to get the job done right.

Professional grade wiring kit
Comes with all kits

TV Antenna wiring kit

LNA 200 Preamplifier/Booster >
Comes with all kits

LNA 200  mast mounted TV antenna preamplifier TV antenna preamplifier power inserter

Each installation kit comes with a 5 foot Mast Pipe
Comes with each kit

5 foot antenna mast pipe

HD Stacker TV antenna installation kit #1
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Chimney mount
Save $44.33

HD Stacker TV antenna installation kit #2
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Eave mount
Save $46.33

HD Stacker TV antenna installation kit #3
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5 foot Tripod mount
Save $47.33

*If you plan to supply multiple TVs from the antenna a signal splitter > is required.

Feel free to contact us > if you have any questions.

HD Stacker long range rural TV antenna sold separately here >  

Frequently ask questions.

Are there directions that come with the TV antenna kit?
Most of the items in the HD Stacker installation kit do come with directions.  You can find nearly any installation information you're looking for at our Product and Knowledge page>  or feel free to contact us >. 

How much does shipping cost?
The entire kit is shipped for a fee of $4.99 to any location in the contigues United States.

Do I need a rotor with the kit?
No, unless the TV transmitters are located in different direction. Determine transmitter direction by visiting the FCC DTV Maps >

What kind of guarantee comes with the TV antenna installation kit? 
All items carry a 1 year warranty against defects. All items also carry are 90 day satisfaction gurantee > or your money back. 

Can I connect more than one TV to the antenna?
Yes, but it does require the appropriate signal splitter >. There is good info. at Designing a TV Antenna Distribution system >.