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EZ HD antenna reviews

EZ HD antenna reviews 
from verified customer's

Works like a charm 
Posted by Scott  on 4th Nov 2019

A neighbor with a tall extension ladder bolted the antenna to the same pole that has my 2m/70cm Ham Radio antenna. He pointed it west towards the mountain peak where the transmitters set. (With binoculars, you can seen the towers on the peak.) Connected the cable and BOOM - 36 FREE channels including the Salt Lake City ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates. We can get 2 FOX affiliates - Salt Lake City and Phoenix. Next step is to connect an amplifier and splitter so that we can get the signals to a second TV in the family room. This antenna did EXACTLY what it said it would. Made in the USA, baby! The only way to go!
Very good antenna 

Posted by Unknown on 23rd Oct 2019

I live 20+ miles from the stations and this brought in all the major networks including over 20 channels

Good antenna 

Posted by Willard  on 21st Oct 2019

Easy to install w/ no problems
Great Little Antenna 

Posted by Dave on 7th Oct 2019

Great little antenna. Was able to mount in attic with, to my surprise, lots of room to spare. Was able to get all local channels with the CM 7777 pre-amp we had from our previous installation. (The previous installation utilized the HD Stacker Antenna which was just too big to fit the space provided in the attic.) The EZ HD antenna brings in the channels as good as the HD Stacker (when used in conjunction with the pre-amp).
No more pixelation! 

Posted by Unknown on 7th Aug 2019

The staff at Denny's are a real helpful group. Great service and knowledge base.
Dennys advise = Job Done 

Posted by Jeff on 31st Jul 2019

The Easy HD is a Gem. Works better than a massive deep fringe antenna that cost twice as much. Bigger is not always better.
70+ channels. Thanks for the advise.
Great Product 

Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jul 2019

Was able to gang it with other antenna and bring in another station my wife wanted so bad. She's happy and so am I. I will continue to buy from Dennys, They have good products at reasonable prices and they don't make far-out claims about their products. Thanks Dennys
Compact but rugged 

Posted by Razz on 15th Jul 2019

Antenna may be smaller in size but it is a solid product, works fine and the instructions are clear.
Perfect for townies 

Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2019

Bought this for my daughter who lives closer into town. Worked perfect (picked up 26 channels) even when it wasn't facing the right way. We are waiting on it to stop raining to get it aimed in the right direction.

Posted by Unknown on 12th Jun 2019


Most Excellent Reception!! 
Posted by Robet on 30th May 2019

The EZ HD antenna is great!...quality construction, simple assembly/setup and even comes with the transformer.
The website has exhaustive information pertaining to which antenna best suits the intended use area, pre-installation notes and even troubleshooting.
The reception was good for us with the antenna alone, properly installed, and the addition of the preamplifier improved the reception dramatically.
Let these folks know what situation you have, then follow their advice to the will not be disappointed!
Best HD Antenna 

Posted by Steve B on 29th May 2019

Had trouble keeping stable reception with my older Yagi antenna. Decided to try the EZ HD TV Antenna and was glad I did. Definitely performs better.
Signal enhancement at it's best 

Posted by Richard on 20th May 2019

Had an antenna system installed in attic approximately 5 years ago to provide tv reception in inclement weather when Direct TV lost signal. Purchased a Channel Master Omni Plus antenna as a replacent in the attic. Was totally frustrated with performance and signal so I contacted Denny and explained the problem. That for my application Denny recommended an EZ Stacker antenna with a Winegard LNA 200 Signal Pre-amplifier. He also recommended for me to direct the antenna towards compass heading of 300 degrees to pick up optimal signal from antenna towers nearby. Wow, what a transformation, 51 crystal clear channels, with no signal loss or pixilation during inclement/stormy weather. Best performance I've ever seen from an antenna. Now I receive all available stations in my area thanks to Denny.
VHF Reception 

Posted by Tom on 25th Feb 2019

I was not able to receive CBS channel 2, 2.1 or any of the four channels. This antenna fixed the problem.
great reception melboure beach fl 

Posted by rick on 19th Feb 2019

VHF channel 2 85% signal
Great reception on all Orlando channel’s
Fast shipping
Works great with Tablo or HD Homerun DVR
Works as Advertised 

Posted by Tim on 10th Feb 2019

Nice quality 'old style" (meaning, not cheapened up and redesigned like its similar-looking, newer style RCA one.). I have crystal clear reception in all channels except the ones behind me that are 60+ miles away (I have no rotator). I installed this antennae in place of a DISH antenna, using its J-Pole on the south side of my roof, so it is not installed very high at all, yet still reception is wonderful. It is compact, well-made. Shipping was fast. Just an easy transaction, and a well-made quality product. Thanx!
Impressed in Arizona 

Posted by Unknown on 7th Feb 2019

Recently purchased a EZHD direct from Denny's vs an RCA 751. I had read that the RCA 751 has gone through some possibly undesirable design changes and is now mfg in China. I have not installed the EZHD on the roof yet but have experimented with it a little. Results have been better than hoped for! Using a DIY 6' pvc mast supported by a 5 gal bucket in the driveway, I am able to receive 85 channels. Granted, reception is a little easier here in Mesa, Az due to the flat terrain and the towers being centrally located on South Mountain (23 miles away). So far, I am impressed!
Compact & Works Great 

Posted by Jeffrey on 3rd Feb 2019

Denny's response time was incredible which made my decision to purchase on the spot an EZ HD antenna. Product arrived quick and I installed moments later.
Best VHV/UHF Off the Air Antenna 

Posted by Harper on 31st Jan 2019

I live right on the fringe area for local Houston TV service and this antenna is just what I needed, small and compact with VHF and UHF for the Houston stations.

Posted by gig on 22nd Jan 2019

Great service, great antenna!

Best antennas made 

Posted by Rick-Richards,Tx/Tucson, Az on 7th Jan 2019

Great antenna, small and compact but has great reception from 21 miles from the transmitters. Super simple to install, open the box and fold out the elements. I stared getting 29 channels immediately. I also use a Stacker at a different location. Both are excellent antennas. Great customer service seals the deal.
Finally Over ! 

Posted by Unknown on 11th Nov 2018

I live 25 to 30 miles from the towers from which I receive my signals & have an attic antenna setting. For all of the 20 years I have lived here I have received so so reception at best, even though I have tried several antennas and booster combinations. I now receive 48 channels with virtually no interruptions or scrambled signals. I cannot believe it but it is about a month now and all is still well. Thank You Denny. The fight is finally over

Lee - White Bear Lake. Mn.
Impressive reception in compact size 

Posted by Dave on 11th Nov 2018

Picks up 40 plus channels on 15 foot mount 33 miles from broadcast, and over 45 channels at 25 feet (two separate installations). I liked it so much I bought a second one for an outbuilding.
Excellent antenna 

Posted by Steve on 30th Oct 2018

Walla Walla WA.
Mounted on RV using 5ft mast with rotator. About 15 ft above ground without LNA.
Impressive signal reception from Yakima/Pasco 60-75 miles even through the leaves & trees. About 45 channels.

Great little antenna. 

Posted by Unknown on 3rd Sep 2018

Once I finally figured out the end caps. Getting it ready was simple. Getting the old one off was a bit of a challenge but then only took minutes to put new one on and hook up.
works great and shipped quickly 
Posted by Mike on 3rd Jun 2018

works great, The farthest transmitting tower I am trying to receive is about 35 miles away.
Exceeded expectation. 

Posted by Dennis on 14th May 2018

Installed in the attic of our garage. We get excellent reception from stations 60+ miles away.
Way better than rabbit ears! 

Posted by Dennis on 20th Apr 2018

I was hoping this antenna would allow me to get PBS channels and better quality picture on my other channels. I bought this with the Winegard amplifier. Antenna was well packaged and arrived without damage. I already had a pole on roof so just mounted with amp and ran coax. I was delighted with my improved reception. I like the smaller size of this antenna and its sturdy construction.
Excellent Antenna 

Posted by Unknown on 1st Apr 2018

I live 30 miles north of downtown Kansas City, this antenna is perfect size for my application, and brings in channels from the north also, great pictures, and great service Thanks Denny’s Antenna Service

Posted by Unknown on 3rd Mar 2018

Updating April 2017 comment. Placed J-pole at peak of roof fascia. Mounted the EZ HD on a 3' PVC pipe clamped in a rotor. Rotor was attached to top of J-pole and the Flatwave underneath. Flatwave points east now for my local stations. My other towers are NW and SW. I point due west and pick these up obliquely giving me 70 total channels- an amazing little antenna. I'm certain I could pull in more with additional height however that would just repeat markets I already receive.