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TV Antenna Recommendations by State and Cities

Click on a State to view Denny's TV Antenna Service TV Antenna Recommendations for that State or Click on a City.

Recommending a TV Antenna Is an Art and a Science

We use three different data programs to investigate the reception conditions at a particular location. Additionally, we take into account the channel frequencies available at that location, the direction, and distance to the transmitters. We are also able to investigate the surrounding terrain and the elevation where the antenna is to be installed. We can determine if signal obstructions blocking the TV signal exist between the receiving TV antenna and the transmitting antenna as well.

To date (1/13/19), we have offered nearly 70,000 TV antenna recommendations and are proud to say the success rate is better than 98%. To get a free personal TV antenna recommendation, just click on the link get my TV antenna recommendation >, and we'll do our best to answer everyone and provide an accurate and reliable recommendation specifically for your exact location.

TV Antenna Recommendations by State