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Denny's TV Antenna Sales and Service

Quality free to air HD TV reception.  

TV antennas made in the USA. TV antennas that work as advertised!

Sound advice from professional antenna installers at knowledge support >  Or, contact us at  customer support >Featuring the EZ HD antenna > and the HD Stacker antenna > . We never design antennas to be cute. We design antennas that work! Our antennas are field tested and test range certified and100% made in the USA

Unless noted “Out of Stock” all items displayed below are In Stock ready to ship or pick up. Showroom hours M - F 9 am to 4 PM. Items displayed online are available for pick up. We ship to any location in the contiguous United States. Orders ship same day for a flat fee of $4.99 Orders placed on weekends or holidays ship the next business day. All items are backed with our 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee >.

 TV Antennas

EZ HD TV Antenna

EZ HD TV antenna

Tuned precisely to USA free to air digital broadcast frequencies
Computer tuned and Test Range Certified >

The EZ HD antenna offers outstanding performance to size ratio. That's why we call it, "the best small long range TV antenna on the market". The EZ HD is a directional antenna with an average receiving beam width of 40 degrees. The traditional antenna design reduces signal interruption and improves performance by increasing signal gain to the front of the antenna and by rejecting signal interference from the sides and rear of the antenna.  

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Made with quality in the USA

In Stock

HD Stacker TV Antenna


HD Stacker TV antenna

Tuned precisely to USA free to air digital broadcast frequencies
Computer tuned and Test Range Certified > 

Looking for maximum performance? We call the HD Stacker antenna the "pixelation buster".  Designed for maximum performance in weaker signal areas. The Stacked design offers superior performance and better stability.  Like the EZ HD antenna above  the HD Stacker TV antenna is a directional antenna with even more signal gain. The receiving beam width of the HD Stacker averages 60 degrees.  The traditional design improves performance by rejecting interference from the sides and rear of the antenna and by focusing signal reception to the front of the antenna. 

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Made in the USA

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Starting from Scratch? 

Check out the HD Stacker TV antenna professional grade installation kit. 

Everything needed to install a Pro-Grade antenna system.  

HD Stacker antenna, preamplifier/booster, antenna mount and hardware,,cabling and cabling tools, grounding accessories, fasteners and much more....

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Denny, I'm looking for a TV antenna that doesn't look like a TV antenna. Do you have anything like that?  Do you have an airplane that doesn't look like an airplane? Sure do, we designed it without wings. It looks good, but it doesn't fly. 

Omnidirectional TV Antenna
Receives signal from all directions

Omnidirectional TV antenna
This is a decent short range TV antenna. Although the manufacturer claims a range of 65 miles,. Real world field testing found a better assessment is 30-40 miles when the antenna is mounted outdoors above the roof.  Because of it's size and design the VHF signal reception suffers. Mounted outdoors above the roof it will perform better than an indoor antenna.  It does not perform as good as a well designed outdoor directional antenna.  This type of antenna is more subject to signal interruption and interference. 

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Specialty TV Antennas

EZ HD Dual TV Antenna System

EZ HD bi-directional TV antenna system

Antennas can be aimed separately to receive TV signals from two directions. Or both antennas can be aimed in the same direction to increase performance. Spacing between antennas  8" - 12".  Comes complete with 2 EZ HD TV antennas, antenna coupler, preamplifier/booster and 3 short coax cables to connect it all together (Antenna mount not included)

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Coupling TV antennas >    

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HBV 2500
High Band VHF TV Antenna

HBV 2500 high band VHF TV antenna

Maximum performance for high band VHF TV signals. Sturdy construction to provide years of reliability.

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Made in the USA

IN Stock

U 2000 UHF TV Antenna

U 2000 UHF TV antenna

Long Range UHF TV antenna. The U 2000 is designed for the reception of weaker UHF TV signals. It is recommended for UHF digital signals rated from strong to weak. Built-in VHF antenna coupler allows easy coupling of a VHF antenna.

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Made in the USA

In Stock 

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